1966 - Evelyn Hofer made her series which was published in ‘Dublin: A Portrait’ with an essay by V.S. Pritchett

German-American artist Evelyn Hofer (1922-2009) is one of the foremost female photographers in recent history, and her works still captivate us today with their intensity and clarity of form. Over five decades she pursued her métier as a kind of artistic sociological research, and covered a wide spectrum of subjects and genres, from city views and portraits of artists to architecture, interiors, landscapes and still lives.

Her work is also inextricably bound up with the books she illustrated in the late 1950s and 1960s for acclaimed authors such as Mary McCarthy and V.S. Pritchett. The latter’s in-depth essay is featured in Dublin: A Portrait, which enjoyed great popularity when first published in 1967. This work was shown for the first time in Ireland in “Dublin & Other Portraits” at the Gallery of Photography in 2012, to huge popular and critical acclaim.

Image: Girl on a Bicycle, The Liberties, Dublin, 1966.

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