Lucia, €700,000 from "Statistical Portraits' © Michael Duran

2006 - The Central Bank Art Commissions – Michael Durand

Facts and figures feature prominently in Michael Durand’s Central Bank Commission, an engaging series of portraits of Central Bank staff, Statistical Portraits. Durand has portrayed each person with a pile of decommissioned (shredded) money. The size of the pile of cash corresponds to a statistic of the person’s choosing: from 1.45 euro (the average annual donation to charity by Irish people) to 700,000 euro (the cost of a new Mercedes Maybach)… The result is a dynamic and exuberant series of portraits where individual personalities are allowed shine through. Durand’s work, which occupies the entire upper gallery, concludes with a site-specific installation made from approximately two million euro in decommissioned Euro notes.

Image copyright © Michael Durand

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